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Installation Guide (How To Install APK?)

How to Install?

  1. Go to phone settings -> security -> enable check for Unknown sources
  2. Download the APK, Touch & install, and Follow the steps on the screen.
    A. If contained OBB File, Unzip/Extract the downloaded OBB, and put it in the given path: Android → obb
    B. If contained Data File, Unzip/Extract the downloaded Data, and put it in the given path: Android → data
  3. Use your favorite file manager to install the APK.

Tips And Trick 1:
1. Modified Apps can not OVERWRITE/UPDATE OVER original Apps.
2. Mods from Different Modders Can Not Overwrite/Update Each Other. [Possible only if both Mod Apks have the same signature]
3. Clean Install Means is: Clear Cache, Clear Data of App, Uninstall App, then install The App Again.

Tips And Trick 2:
1. Google Play Blocking-
If Any App violates the T&C of Google Play Policies, It gets Removed from the Play Store. The developer starts releasing the updates in apk format on his website. Eg- ES File Explorer, Photo Grid, Etc
2. Country Unavailability/Ban-
Some Apps are not available in some countries, Eg- Deezer. It's not available in India. But when we Spoof it & Remove country restrictions, We can log in & Use the App easily without any VPN.
But if the country bans the App-
Lvl1- The app gets removed from PS in your region, people Can use it by downloading APK
Lvl2- The Servers of the App get blocked in your country, so you need a VPN + Country Restrictions Removal. Eg- Tiktok

Tips And Trick 3:

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